Readers React: Joe Biden’s biggest assets: his decency and his ability to work with Republicans

Joe Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks to the International Assn. of Firefighters in Washington on March 12.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Joshua Spivak provides a historical perspective of vice presidents who ascended to the Oval Office. He notes that former Vice President Joe Biden could win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2020 because of his association with the highly popular President Obama.

There are two other reasons that Biden could win. First, he is a decent, honorable person who loves his country and humanity.

Second, Biden can work with people of all political persuasions (or at least the sane ones). How refreshing would that be after four years of the Trump administration? Biden should become president because he can work with Republicans.

I am sure that the other candidates are decent men and women with strong leadership skills, but most are running on platforms that appeal to their fanatical base. We don’t need a revolutionary in the White House; we just need a leader we can actually look up to and be proud of.


Issam Najm, Porter Ranch


To the editor: Unannounced, yet ahead in most polls, Biden could make one bold move to ensure his presidency: Select a running mate early and announce as a ticket.

Were his campaign sign to include a Stacy Abrams, Rep. Linda Sánchez or even Sen. Kamala Harris, it would all but guarantee our 2024 Democratic presidential candidate would be a woman and a minority.


This is more than “checking the boxes.” It would assure moderate Democrats and Republicans that the presidency will pass back to someone who respects the office and believes in bipartisanship, while offering “on the job training” and political visibility to our first woman president.

Loretta Redd, Santa Barbara

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