Readers React: A reader’s ‘disgust’ for Mississippi reflects left-wing intolerance

The Mississippi flag at the governor’s mansion in Jackson.
(Rogelio V. Solis / Associated Press)

To the editor: The letter from the writer who said she found Mississippi’s politics “disgusting” reflects a level of hatred that only the “tolerant” left is allowed to express openly.

Years ago I was telling some friends about a recent vacation in Natchez, Miss., and someone blurted out, “I hate crackers,” with no shame at using the derogatory term for a group of his fellow citizens that he didn’t know.

In the letter writer’s world, there is no room for honest disagreement. The fact that these people voted for President Trump defines their existence. I assume her disgust is also felt toward the black woman I met in Natchez who retired from Long Beach to open a coffee shop there, joining other African Americans in moving to the Deep South.

David Goodwin, Pasadena


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