Readers React: The anonymous ‘resistance’ op-ed is partisan Republican apologism at its worst

This photo shows an anonymous opinion piece in The New York Times in New York, Thursday, Sept. 6, 20
Shown is a copy of the Sept. 6 New York Times op-ed article written anonymously by a senior official in the Trump administration.
(Richard Drew / Associated Press)

To the editor: The most stunning aspect of the anonymous op-ed article in the New York Times from a “senior Trump administration official” isn’t the admission of President Trump’s incapacity, but the hubris of the author’s cloak of “doing the right thing,” as if running, behind the scenes, an opaque shadow government (surely the definition of a dueling, “two-track presidency”) is “the right thing.”

Really, this is an apologia for the systematic hollowing out of 100 years of international relations, consumer, worker and environmental protections, human and civil rights, and more. That this shadow government allows the bull-puppet to rage through the crockery shop of our democratic republic while gratifying an unsanctioned partisan agenda is utterly breathtaking.

By confessing that the right, responsible thing (invocation of the 25th Amendment) was not done, this senior official really just insulted the American public. This administration must be excised like a cancer, and every Republican lawmaker will live in infamy for enabling this rot.

Elisabeth Eliassen, Alameda, Calif.



To the editor: The activity described in the New York Times piece is a form of treason, a slow-motion coup d’etat that cannot be tolerated or, God forbid, normalized.

If we truly have an incompetent president, then there’s a constitutional remedy in the 25th Amendment, and there’s ample cause for impeachment to remove him.

The type of activity described by the op-ed writer undermines our democratic system. Liberals would not tolerate moles within the Obama administration, so they should not condone them in the Trump administration.


Keep in mind, this “resistance” is coming from within the Republican Party and is a consequence of its own failure to hold Trump accountable. How far onto the “wrong side of history” can this infamous clown and his GOP apologists take us?

This sets a dangerously damaging precedent.

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley, Ariz.


To the editor: No one seems willing to confront Trump and make him accountable. Republican leaders have been particularly spineless.

Maybe it is time to call on a trio of individuals who could be particularly effective in asking the right questions and charting the way forward. How about Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama?

John R. Hendrie, Simi Valley



To the editor: If I sent you my opinion on any subject without my name attached, the Los Angeles Times would almost certainly toss the submission in the garbage pail. So why would the paper publish quotes from another opinion piece written by an unnamed author?

This just isn’t right, but of course we know why.

Jeffrey Whitfield, Santa Ana

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