Opinion: A poor gamble for Ghana — or California

Villagers bring two gambling machines out from a hut in Zamashegu, Northern Region, in Ghana.
(Noah Fowler / For The Times)

To the editor: The Times publishes an article lamenting the negative effect of gambling on the poor people in Ghana. Isn’t this exactly what the state lotteries are doing in America? (“One-armed bandits rob villages of hope,” Aug. 8)

I think the lotteries are clearly a “tax on the poor.” Many buyers of lottery tickets are desperate people who should rather be spending that money on the necessities of life.

Our state perpetuates this stupid spending by running ads saying something about “believe in something bigger,” and showing people grasping for a lucky ball falling from the sky.

Better we should be telling people to work hard and persevere to get ahead in this world. Very sad that California promotes luck rather than honest effort.


Bob Harbicht, Arcadia

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