Readers React: We don’t need a George W. Bush confidante’s counsel on which Democrats to support, thanks

Democratic presidential candidates greet the debate audience in Miami on June 26.
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To the editor: What liberal voter cares about the opinion of Scott Jennings — a man who worked for the second-worst president in modern history (the worst is currently in office) — on the performance of the Democratic candidates in the first night of the debates?

His gimlet-eyed view of the progressive agenda is not worth serious consideration, and his view of the country’s economic status as robust is delusional. The fact that there may be numerous job openings does not mean there are qualified people to fill them. More and more jobs are either being automated or outsourced to other countries, thanks to our greed-fueled, inadequately regulated capitalist system of government.

We have a plethora of Democratic candidates running for the presidency, any one of whom would be infinitely preferable to the MAGA-cap-wearing empty suit taking up space in the Oval Office.

Marcia Goodman, Long Beach



To the editor: I am surprised that the L.A. Times printed the puzzling yet myopic response of Scott Jennings to the Democrats’ first presidential debate. Using the title of “Republican advisor” is, perhaps, a giveaway to the nature of his response.

Democrats are now putting together the ideas, strategies and planning to challenge President Trump. Trump’s assault on good taste, his secrecy, his dismantling of established constitutional standards, his disastrous assault on foreign policy, his rigid control of both professional and personal staff, better suit a king than a president. We haven’t even yet heard the full scoop on the obstruction charges.

The two debates, which seem mischaracterized by Jennings, present the thinking of over 20 Democratic leaders who will, in their collective way, lead this delusional country out of the woods and provide the leadership to proceed against the disastrous policies and idiosyncrasies of a president who cannot provide this leadership.

Ralph Mitchell, Monterey Park


To the editor: Please, L.A. Times, print credible sources. Scott Jennings was a trusted advisor to George W. Bush. So he can get a fat “thank you” for contributing to the recession disaster. Now, as recent Republican deregulations send our country’s economy down that black hole road again, the last thing I want to hear are Dubya acolytes’ opinions about how we pick our next president. Yes, it is “us vs. them.”

Spike Tucker, Lompoc


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