Readers React: English, not Spanish, is the language of upward mobility for immigrants


To the editor: My grandparents came to the United States from Europe. They did their best to learn English, and they insisted their five children speak only that language at home. (“Spanish has never been a foreign language in the United States,” Opinion, May 29)

Today’s immigrants should do the same. It’s great to know a second language, but English should be first. Spanish-speaking immigrants who do not teach their kids to speak English at home do them a disservice.

This is not an anti-Latino point of view, but a practical one. Ask any employer who hires immigrant workers — they’ll tell you those who know English will be the first to be promoted because they can communicate with their clients, managers and fellow employees. They can read and understand company memos and training materials.


We love our immigrants and wish them well. They will find success in their ability to immerse themselves in our culture and assimilate into our society. My grandfather understood this, and his descendants are grateful.

Jim Blumel, Santa Clarita

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