Readers React: Trump’s ideas and style are ‘fresh’ — if you’re into bigotry and authoritarianism

A Trump supporter waves a campaign flag during the president's visit to San Diego on March 13.
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To the editor: Jonah Goldberg suggests that the Democratic Party should “reform” itself in some “fresh” way, as the Republicans did with President Trump. (“Do the Democrats need their own Donald Trump?” Opinion, April 10)

He forgets that “fresh reform” is not necessarily always for the better, as Trump has so recklessly shown. What about Trump’s fresh start for bigotry and misogyny? For authoritarianism? For making our nation a global laughingstock? The list goes on.

The Democratic Party should ignore Goldberg’s odd query if it seeks to really improve the country. While imperfect, that party still provides the better hope for restoring some semblance of humanity and sanity in America.


Like many of our citizens, I find it quite difficult to endure Trump’s “fresh reform” of misbegotten madness.

Joseph L. DeVitis, Rancho Mirage


To the editor: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s policies, which Goldberg labels tired, were good for the people of the United States.

We still need to regulate banks so they don’t victimize their customers. Businesses need to be regulated so they do not destroy the environment. We ought to provide better and affordable healthcare for all Americans, improve education in our schools and provide vocational training for a new job market.

These might not make people scream at rallies and incite admirers to commit acts of violence, but they are what this country needs. We’ve had enough of this president’s entertainment, chaos and shoot-from-the-hip policymaking. We don’t need another media darling.

I hope the electorate recognizes that we now need to get back to the boring business of maintaining a progressive government that works for the people.


Linda Bradshaw, Los Angeles


To the editor: Goldberg characterizes the New Deal as a tired, old idea.

True, it’s 80 years old and counting, but the Democrats return to it because it is a good idea.

It’s just as good as women voting (98 years old), emancipating the slaves (155 years old) and the Constitution (229 years). And don’t forget democracy itself, which at a few thousand years old is still the best game in town.

Brad Kay and Suzy Williams, Venice

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