Readers React: 3,000 people didn’t die in Puerto Rico. Did Trump’s birth certificate investigators tell him that?

President Trump Meets With Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen And FEMA Administrator Long In The Oval Office
President Trump listens during a briefing on Hurricane Florence in the Oval Office on Sept. 11.
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To the editor: Aha! The casualty studies of Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico last year, showing that nearly 3,000 people died, are being rigged to persecute President Trump.

It seems a man who was born into wealth, inherited a real estate empire, became a tabloid socialite, tried to become a casino kingpin, ran a beauty pageant and changed from a reality TV star into a president just can’t catch a break these days.

Maybe as soon as those investigators Trump sent to Hawaii to look into President Obama’s birth certificate get back to the mainland, we’ll get to the bottom of all this. They must be having a tough time returning — but they’re on an island, you know.

Robert Fox, Los Angeles



To the editor: Does Trump ever stop praising himself, or is that a stupid question? Every time I see him bragging about his so-called accomplishments, like when he called his administration’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico an “unappreciated” success during an Oval Office briefing on Hurricane Florence, it is just too much for me to bear.

Even I knew after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last year that there would be more dead or injured people because help wasn’t reaching much of the island Oh, I forgot: Trump did manage to throw rolls of paper towels into a crowd.

Oh, for the good old days of the Obama administration, when we had a president who knew how to show respect on an occasion like this. But then after what he [Trump] said about the late Sen. John McCain, why am I am surprised by anything?


Davina Garcia, Culver City

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