Opinion: Americans shouldn’t have to babysit — or ‘normalize’ — their president


To the editor: So we are now charged with babysitting the president? You must be kidding me. (“Let’s normalize Trump,” Opinion, March 14)

Normalizing President Trump will only enable him and his administration to enact their agenda and destroy our country. Have we not seen this with the totally inept first travel ban and the horrendous healthcare bill, which will enrich the top earners and strip millions of insurance coverage?

Dan McLaughlin’s statement, “Some of the ways he’s not normal are good: He has open contempt for the swamp of D.C.,” caused me to laugh. Has he not seen Trump’s Cabinet picks? They are the dregs left at the bottom of the swamp.


No, I will not normalize a selfish, misogynistic president. We have a new normal: Resist.

Mary Bada, Lomita


To the editor: Yes, some of the things Trump does seem to insult us all. Most are superficial, but we can’t get over them. The “haters” dote on them.

If the media would give us a legitimate listing of what Trump has done so far, it would seem to show that his focus seems purely on preserving America as the republic that was set up by the Constitution. But most liberals (and certainly some conservatives) just cannot accept that half of this country wants to preserve the American republic and rejects overreaching, all-consuming government.

The new media sport seems to be marginalizing legitimate American concerns by labeling them “radical” or “far right,” or turning innocuous comments into another micro-controversy firestorm. There are important issues facing this country, but it is so much fun and helpful to the status quo to divert our attention to inflammatory non-issues.

Bette Brooks, Laguna Hills



To the editor: To be forced to use the very word “normalize” in regard to a sitting president should give everyone pause. No one elected to the presidency should be so abnormal as to have supporters scrambling almost daily to apologize for his behavior.

McLaughlin’s article should simply not be necessary. Instead, the GOP must deal for the next four years with a truly odd man whose only redeeming feature may be his signature on its legislation.

No, sir, it is not likely that any amount of quibbling is ever going to make Trump normal.

John Olson, Leechburg, Pa.

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