Letters to the Editor: American Jews are not political props for Trump or his critics

President Trump in the Oval Office on Aug. 20.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: I am an American Jew. I may be a Democrat. I may be a Republican. I may be an independent. (“Trump’s disloyalty lie about Jews echoes a blood-soaked anti-Semitic slur,” Opinion, Aug. 21)

I am a proud American and a veteran, and I am neither ignorant nor disloyal. I love what America stands for, its ideals and its aspirations, its openness and its promise. I am committed to ensuring that this country lives up to these ideals.

I am the descendant of immigrants and see America as a nation of immigrants. I care about Israel and am dedicated to protecting the Jewish state from those who would do it harm from outside or inside.


I am not an Israeli citizen. I am an American citizen. I am concerned about growing anti-Semitism but do not want anyone, from either party, to politicize it and use it as a wedge issue.

I am not a political prop. I am an American Jew.

Victor Moss, Beverly Hills


To the editor: Op-ed article author Lev Golinkin rightly notes that false accusations of dual loyalty have incited attacks against Jews throughout history.

However, President Trump did not accuse Jews of disloyalty to America, which is the meaning of the classic anti-Semitic trope. He is suggesting that Jewish Americans should not vote against their self-interest or against the interests of the only Jewish nation-state.

The wave of criticism regarding his comment is ironic in a national culture that promotes the importance of ethnicity and self interest. The president’s opponents routinely appeal to other minority citizens based on their ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

The truly dangerous slurs against Jews and Israel are being spread by proponents of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign. Comments such as Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) “it’s the Benjamins” is classic fearmongering regarding Jewish power.

I have no interest in defending this president, but I am loath to stay silent in the face of yet another big lie involving the Jews.

Lana Melman, Los Angeles



To the editor: Trump is upset with American Jews who vote for Democrats because he believes it is “disloyal” to the Jewish people and Israel. I would like to remind the president that, as a Jew, it would be disloyal for me to not vote for Democrats in the next election.

Trump’s words are despotic in a country where democracy reigns, where we can vote for whomever we want and where many of us will vote to retire this president for all the alienation he has caused worldwide.

Bunny Landis, Oceanside