Letters to the Editor: Hulking SUV reviews after climate change protests? Thanks, L.A. Times

climate change rally
Protestors hold up signs in a demonstration against climate change in Laguna Beach on Sept. 20.
(Raul Roa / TCN)

To the editor: In the Sept. 21 Los Angeles Times, there were two stories that showed two very different world views. One highlighted courageous concern, and the other mindless consumption.

On the front page, there was an extensive report on the students around the world demanding that the adults in power make decisions and follow through with actions that will save their world from extreme harm. It was an uplifting sight to see and to read about.

In that day’s Business section, there was an enthusiastic review of Toyota’s new Land Cruiser. It’s seven feet high and almost seven feet wide, 16 feet long, weighs almost three tons and can drive over anything! And, with a 24.6-gallon gas tank, you can drive a whopping 320 miles — that’s 13 miles per gallon! In my Prius, 24.6 gallons could take me at least 1,220 miles.


Perched so high, the driver has a good view of his surroundings, according to this review. Apparently, he cannot see the end of the world as we know it.

Richard Armstrong, Carlsbad


To the editor: Do you have no shame promoting a super expensive gas guzzler, the Toyota Land Cruiser, just after millions of young people around the world went on strike to warn that we are warming the planet and ruining their future by burning fossil fuels? If you wanted to spit in their faces, you could hardly do any better.

You should start encouraging people to go with very high-mileage cars or electric vehicles. That might be sensible and responsible for a change.

Jean Lecuyer, Los Angeles