Letters to the Editor: Trump is antiabortion. That alone explains why Christians favor him

Gag rule
President Trump shows off a signed executive order on Jan. 23, 2017, barring any recipient of U.S. assistance from performing or promoting abortions abroad with money they receive from non-U.S. sources.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

To the editor: Letter writers bemused by evangelical Christians’ support for President Trump seem to be missing the entire picture.

Not one Democratic presidential candidate is antiabortion, and President Trump is. People who are against abortion will not vote for a president who does not support defending the life of a child in the womb.

It’s that simple. This is what evangelical Christians believe, that all people have the God-given right to life.


How on Earth can these letter writers substantiate that their claim that Trump is un-Christian? In fact, evangelical Christians are backing the only candidate running for president who supports life.

Karen Strickland, Palm Springs


To the editor: No doubt the Los Angeles Times never runs short of letters pondering how religious conservatives can so reliably side with a president whose immorality dwarfs that of most (if not all) of his predecessors.

What’s with those devout souls? Shouldn’t they prefer a president who abides by the biblical mandate to do unto others as they do unto him? Trump’s manifold well-documented sins suggest that he disdains the Golden Rule.

Those true believers who so blindly back Trump need divine intervention. Let’s pray for their deliverance from the wilderness of willful ignorance, lest they flounder in the fog of cognitive dissonance.

Edward Alston, Santa Maria