Letters to the Editor: Eric Garcetti’s shameful kowtowing to unions on healthcare costs

Mayor Eric Garcetti
Mayor Eric Garcetti on election night in 2017.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I once heard a radio interview where former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan said his biggest regret was the giveaways to which he agreed for the city’s public employee unions.

Now, with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s kowtowing to the unions over having employees pay even a paltry sum toward their own healthcare, the irresponsibility continues.

Every homeowner, business person and taxpayer in Los Angeles is horrified at the bed-bug relationship politicians have with the unions, and it is partly because of this relationship that the city does not adequately clean and fix the streets, build better transportation corridors or meet a host of other needs.


If and when a recession hits again, there is no backtracking with the unions. They will bring the city to the brink of bankruptcy before making concessions. The only solution is not to elect career politicians.

Chuck Heinz, West Hills


To the editor: Man is Garcetti clueless when it comes to managing costs.

In the public sector it is very common for employees to contribute to their healthcare. To address the concern of disproportionately impacting lower-paid workers, there is a tiered payment percentage system based on how much the employee earns.

This is not just about the city managing annual costs; it’s also about getting the public sector in line with the private sector on medical costs, pay and retirement benefits. What the city has now is unsustainable, and we cannot rely on higher taxes and fees to cover the gap.

It’s time for City Hall to make tough choices.

Bill Spear, Fountain Valley