Letters to the Editor: A New Year’s wish missed by the L.A. Times: No more overpopulation

New Year's revelers celebrate in New York City's Times Square.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: I am sad to say that the L.A. Times Editorial Board overlooked probably the most important wish for the 2020s and beyond: controlling the world’s exploding population.

This is the root cause of most of the world’s difficult problems. It is why we are always pressed for more resources, causing the destruction of our environment. The increase in fossil fuel use caused by overpopulation results in more pollution, leading to climate change that could destroy life on Earth as we know it.

I am saddened by the editorial board overlooking this crucial point — and it’s not just you, but also our politicians and religious leaders who bury their heads and fail to recognize that their inaction imperils future generations.

Adam Mekler, Pasadena



To the editor: You wish for “a recognition that our support of ‘diversity’ should include not just diversity of race, gender, social class and sexual orientation, but diversity of viewpoint as well.”

Really? Please, look in the mirror.

It is easy to dislike Trump, but your paper is really anti-Trump. I get it, but it is tiring. Throw in an article once in a while that discusses something he has done that has been beneficial to the country, if possible.

Thanks, and happy new year.

Mark McDonald, Los Angeles


To the editor: I’m sure that this year will be a great one. How do I know that? I have 2020 vision.

Harris J. Levey, Venice