Letters to the Editor: Trump surely loved the Democrats’ debate in South Carolina

To the editor: The clear lesson from the Democratic candidates’ debate in South Carolina on Feb. 25 is that there should be no more debates.

This was not a moderated discussion; it was rather an uncontrolled free for all, and every candidate on stage was guilty of contributing to the chaos. The Democrats in the debate were more concerned with attacking one another than winning the election.

One point some of the candidates got right is that they are handing the election to President Trump and jeopardizing every down-ballot race. Democrats can only hope that after Super Tuesday on March 3, a lot of these candidates will disappear and the party can get serious about this election.

Terry Walker, Sylmar


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To the editor: After watching the first 45 minutes of the debate, I was yearning for the “smoke-filled rooms” in which party nominees were once selected.

This “debate” just gave the Republicans more ammunition to reelect the president. I’m a moderate Democrat, and there is no way can I vote for the so-called progressives.

Eric David, Long Beach


To the editor: When are the Democrats going to stop bashing each other and start concentrating on defeating Trump ?

Susan Greenberg, Los Angeles


To the editor: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ blustering at the end of the South Carolina debate portends, that come November, our choices will be a blowhard on the far left versus a blowhard on the far right.

One will give everyone everything; the other will give everything to a few. So much for moderation.

Warren Cereghino, Pacific Palisades