Letters to the Editor: Who asked Ron Reagan about his zealous atheism?


To the editor: Ron Reagan, who appeared in a commercial for the Freedom From Religion Foundation aired during three of the Democratic primary debates, is a missionary for atheism. He is a believer in nothing, and that in and of itself is a belief.

And no, as a Christian I don’t think Reagan is going to hell. In fact, I don’t want to broadcast my beliefs. A person’s beliefs are his own business.

Reagan, one can assume, blames all of the world’s problems on religion, although some of the most murderous men in world history were confirmed atheists. Personally, I hope these people are burning in hell.


My message to Reagan is this: Keep your beliefs to yourself. This is how it’s supposed to work in America.

Mark Walker, Yorba Linda


To the editor: Columnist George Skelton delivers a refreshing and hopeful message in a society that has so vehemently embraced religion (especially Christianity), that the mere idea of not believing is somehow an “attack on religion.”

Skelton notes that the major networks refused to run the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ads during the Democratic debates. It is because this country is so moribund on the subject of “faith” that all sorts of inanity is embraced to the point that the non-believer is condemned as evil. (CNN, however, decided that this paid ad was just fine in a free society.)

There is major concern about sycophants keeping this current administration afloat. We must also confront the network media sycophants of religion.

Denys Arcuri, Indio