Letters to the Editor: Wear a mask so you can be healthy enough to vote Trump out of office on Nov. 3

President Trump
President Trump walks outside the White House on June 25.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: I agree with the Editorial Board’s opinion that we cannot let our guard down with this president. His disastrous mismanagement of the pandemic, flagrant disregard for those Americans who have died and now the revelation that he has allowed Russia to get away with putting a bounty on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan are all unconscionable.

His aides in the White House continue to walk on eggshells around him, and the Republicans in Congress look the other way in fear of his toxic Twitter tirades and incurring the ire of the president’s base.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that this desperate, mentally and morally unfit man only cares about being re-elected and will do anything to maintain his power. All indications are that he is on his way to losing this election; he is both angry and terrified.

The fact that most of what he does is send out angry tweets and watch cable news proves he should be fired. Hopefully the American people will do just that on Nov. 3; until then I will faithfully wear my mask, so I can live to join them.


Ramona Saenz, Alhambra


To the editor: Thanks for the ominous warning about Trump. It’s just that I keep raising the bar on my outrage level.

Practically every day for the last three and a half years, Trump’s done something awful. Then I say to myself, “That’s the lowest thing ever! Surely his fans will see that he’s a ridiculous, lazy liar.”

But it’s still getting worse. So, thanks for the warning.

I won’t be surprised by any dirty tricks Trump pulls. I only hope his tantrums can be corrected by the responsible adult who will replace him.

Cheryl Clark, Long Beach