Letters to the Editor: Portland protesters, it’s time to stop. You’re playing into Trump’s hands

Protesters carry umbrellas as they gather Saturday at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse in Portland, Ore.
Protesters gather Saturday at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse in Portland, Ore.
(AFP / Getty Images)

To the editor: Nicholas Goldberg makes an excellent point. While many of us support peaceful protest and Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the destruction of government buildings and especially the small businesses of decent, hardworking people is not acceptable. (“How the nightly clashes on American streets benefit Trump,” Opinion, July 28)

Plus, it seriously detracts from the message. God forbid this presidency gets another four years based on the average citizens’ disgust with what has gone on unabated.

This violence has to stop, and it’s a shame that President Trump sends in his thugs to stop it. Whether it exacerbates the problem or not, I’m not sure. But it does seem as if the mayors and governors are being held hostage by this violent, lawless element, which is obviously not interested in furthering the cause of Black Lives Matter.


Thank you, Mr. Goldberg. May your message ring loud and clear.

Denise Brink, Newport Beach


To the editor: The man who says he stands for “law and order” has defied and broken more laws and rules than anyone I know. The worst of his transgressions is sending storm troopers to Portland.

Where are the lawyers when we need them? What are judges thinking when they allow federal police to invade our cities? The Constitution has parameters regarding the use of federal police forces, which basically is to protect federal property.

It’s obvious the unidentified, secret police in Portland have overstepped that boundary. Yet the judicial system is allowing these forces to continue to incite riots, based on technicalities. This is fascism, and our legal system is not alarmed.

I am terrified of what this means for our democracy, and I am not alone.


So, I challenge lawyers to use their best skills and file lawsuits. Then we need to challenge the judges to look at the bigger picture of this situation.

Marlene Bronson, Los Angeles


To the editor: It’s difficult to believe that more people are not stating clearly what Trump is doing in Portland. He is brazenly using Gestapo tactics, developed in Nazi Germany, in an attempt to terrorize Americans into yielding to him.

Why haven’t the L.A. Times, other media and other prominent voices used the word “Gestapo”? We all know this is what he is doing. Is it so awful that we can’t believe it and bring ourselves to say what is happening?

Trump has crossed the line, and we should let him know we see it.

Allan Baker, Morongo Valley