Letters to the Editor: Mexican American leaders are missing at the Democratic convention. That’s foolish

Julian Castro speaks during the Democratic primary debate in Miami on June 26, 2019.
(Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press)

To the editor: Why are Mexican American political leaders shunted aside by the national Democratic Party? (“Democratic convention features pleas for unity and harsh attacks on Trump,” Aug. 17)

Julian Castro, the former housing and urban development secretary in the Obama administration who just ran for president, has hardly been mentioned and was not given his own speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. Is it because he had the temerity to question presidential nominee Joe Biden during the debates and criticize President Obama’s immigration policy of mass deportation?

And Kevin de León, the former leader of California’s state Senate, has not even been mentioned as a possible replacement for Sen. Kamala Harris should she be elected vice president. Is it because he had the temerity to challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2018?


Those who criticized Harris as being too ambitious and not apologetic enough to Biden were rightly put down. What about these major Mexican American leaders? Don’t they deserve the same?

The national Democratic Party has a blind spot when it comes to bold Mexican leaders that must be corrected if it wants to keep getting our votes.

Victor Ochoa, Oakland


To the editor: Kudos to Michelle Obama for saying, “Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country.”

The only thing that irks the president more than anything is a woman who stands up for herself, doesn’t back down and can respond forcefully to his verbal tirades and false statements.

The more Trump attacks the nominee for vice president, the more he’ll lose women’s votes.

Bunny Landis, Oceanside



To the editor: It is morbid and cruel to watch, first the Democrats and then the Republicans, play four consecutive nights of super slick infomercials, while average Americans are stuck fighting homelessness, joblessness and hunger.

If both of these arrogant parties really cared about their constituents, they would tell members of Congress to get back to work providing badly needed government assistance to those most in need.

It is disgusting to watch Nero fiddle while Rome burns.

William David Stone, Beverly Hills


To the editor: Did I hear correctly that Trump called Michelle Obama divisive? It is what it is.

Milt Miller, Encino