Letters to the Editor: Trump’s convention is flagrantly breaking the law. Republicans, what will you do?

Trump in the Rose Garden
President Trump arrives in the White House Rose Garden to listen to Melania Trump’s address to the Republican convention Tuesday.
(Brendan Smialowski / AFP/Getty Images)
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To the editor: I am appalled, but not surprised, at the brazen breaches of ethical and legal norms by the Trump administration. One can use any excuse one wants, such as giving convention speeches on “personal time,” but these excuses are simply one more way to deceive the members of President Trump’s personality cult.

And the Republicans, who fully understand the breaches, do nothing.

Mike Pompeo delivering a convention address from Jerusalem is just blatantly wrong for a secretary of State. Trump and the first lady delivering their speeches from the White House grounds is just beyond the pale, pandemic or none.

Trump’s disinformation campaign is typical of his lies over the last four years. Democratic nominee Joe Biden does not want to “defund” the police. He is not a radical leftist. He will not destroy the suburbs.


Trump operates in lies and fear. This is the America we could have if Trump is reelected. Can anyone spell “authoritarianism”?

Rebecca Hertsgaard, Palm Desert


To the editor: To suggest, as reporter Janet Hook does in her Aug. 25 front-page news analysis, that the election is “more a choice between two men than between competing agendas” is absurd.

No doubt Biden and the Democrats want the election to be about the “nice guy” versus the “not nice guy,” but Trump and those who are going to vote for him know full well that the agendas and policies the two men stand for could not be more different.

For starters, consider Medicare for all, immigration, repealing the Trump tax cuts, fossil fuels and the Green New Deal, the 2nd Amendment, law and order, closing down the economy again and on and on.

If the Democrats ran on their agenda, they would lose — and they know it.

Ted Martin, Los Angeles



To the editor: With his convention appearances, Trump has gleefuly violated the Hatch Act by holding a campaign event at the White House. There has been no mention of this on your front page.

I know we are all numb to the lawbreaking of the Trump gang, but we look to the news media to keep showing us what is going on.

The L.A. Times has failed to convey how serious of breach this is. We look to the media to speak truth to power, and on this you have failed.

Amy Richards, Pasadena


To the editor: So far, the Republicans’ convention has met expectations.

Bombastic, untruthful, lacking substance and in complete devotion to the incompent his supporters elected to office, the convention has been another Trump-produced reality TV program meant to entertain his base.

What a tasty irony it will be if Trump, after coming to greater national awareness by hosting one reality show, ended up being destroyed politically by another one.


Jeffrey Wade, San Diego


To the editor: Is this “take your kids to work” week?

Kristi Rodehorst, Los Angeles