Letters to the Editor: How much is Alex Villanueva’s conduct costing L.A. County taxpayers?

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: According to the L.A. Times, threats against retiring county chief executive Sachi Hamai because of actions taken by Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva were so bad that the Board of Supervisors agreed to a $1.5-million settlement and to provide private security for her.

The settlement, paid with taxpayer money, came about because of the words and deeds of our elected sheriff. What did Villanueva do and say that caused this settlement?

It is hard to imagine that he escapes any liability for this. It is also hard to believe that Villanueva’s conduct is consistent with his duties as sheriff. Now, the public needs the rest of the story. Our right to know has rarely been so important.


Michael H. Miller, Los Angeles


To the editor: At what point is enough really enough?

In Villanueva, the people of L.A. County now have their very own version of Donald Trump acting as their sheriff. This individual has shown repeatedly that he is a wannabe tyrant and thinks he is above the law. He is responsible for the diminishment of law enforcement in the county.

The next opportunity to remove this impediment to justice will be in 2022, and that cannot get here soon enough.

John Reed, Hemet


To the editor: Intimidation is the name of the game for the sheriff. Is it any wonder those under his command believe they can do whatever they want?

Police accountability and oversight need to be stronger. I would think police officers want to be part of a humane, lawful force. But they keep losing esteem as they refuse to keep rogue (maybe not so rogue) officers in check.

Suzanne Brugman, Whittier