Letters to the Editor: How will California power all those electric vehicles? With the sun

Nissan Leaf
Zero-emission Nissan Leafs are available for test drives in San Diego on Electric Vehicle Day.
(Rob Nikolewski / San Diego Union-Tribune)

To the editor: In response to the letter writer who questioned Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order on zero-emission vehicles by asking, “Where are we going to get all the electric energy to charge up all these battery-powered cars?” I can answer him, because I am already living in that reality.

We will simply put the sun to work for us. There are millions upon millions of empty rooftops that could be fitted with solar panels to lasso energy from the sun. As the price of solar rooftops continues to plummet, why not use available rooftop space to capture the sun’s energy and put it to beneficial use?

My husband and I have three electric cars. Our residential solar system generates more than enough power to charge the cars and completely power our home. The wonder of it all is that we still send excess clean power back to the grid for others to use because our solar system generates more power than we need — even with those high-powered electric cars in the garage tethered to the sun.


Another bonus: Our electricity bill is net zero.

Linda Nicholes, Huntington Beach