Letters to the Editor: Where’s that healthcare plan Trump promised ‘within two weeks’?

Trump on healthcare
President Trump speaks about healthcare on July 24, 2017.
(Yuri Gripas / AFP/Getty Images )
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To the editor: Since you published a letter repeating President Trump’s slogan “promises made, promises kept,” be fair and don’t hesitate to keep printing letters like this one pointing out that Trump has promised at least a dozen times — beginning in 2016 and as recently as two weeks ago — to release within two weeks, four weeks or a few months, a national health plan “better and less expensive than Obamacare.”

That’s of course a “promise made, promise not kept.”

Asked by debate moderator Chris Wallace about that unkept promise, Trump ignored the question. Instead, he spoke about the drug prices he would lower, particularly insulin, if he were reelected, as though he hadn’t had almost four years to do that.

On healthcare, Trump is repeating the same promises on which he made no serious attempt to keep, even though he still has a Republican-controlled Senate. Democratic voters would have sided with Trump if he actually had a plan better and less expensive than Obamacare.


I hoped in 2016 that he might really go all in and do it, because he said he owed nothing to the fat cats in the swamps of Wall Street and Big Money. He was for the little guy.

Mark Davidson , Santa Ana