Letters to the Editor: It won’t be enough to vote out Trump. His enablers must be defeated too

President Trump walks off stage after speaking at a campaign rally in Arizona.
President Trump walks off stage after speaking at a campaign rally in Goodyear, Ariz.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Your editorial on the president’s character is a perfect example of why the free press is so important to the survival of a democracy. That President Trump is, to use his own favorite descriptive, a disaster could not be more obvious. He shows daily that he is as bad a human being as it is possible to be, and I mean that literally.

His behavior perfectly fits the dictionary definition of evil: “Morally reprehensible; arising from bad character or conduct, bringing sorrow, distress or calamity.”

Even more troubling is that all but a few Republican lawmakers continue to support this vile man. I had erroneously believed that enough of them would put country over politics. But that, unfortunately, has not happened.


So, our course of action is clear: We vote Trump out of office, along with his enablers who are also on the ballot.

Robert Archerd, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: Just because Trump says something does not mean it’s real. However, some people internalize the thought and even if they don’t believe it, they talk about it with others. Then the issue becomes the topic of the day.

Here are a few things we’ve talked a lot about that are not true: President Obama’s birth certificate isn’t valid, mail-in voting is rigged, and Joe Biden is too old to be president. These were not items of discussion until Trump used his ultimate weapon of repetition.

As the saying goes, if you repeat something enough, people start to believe it, whether or not it’s true. This is the method that works for Trump, and we should not become his puppets.

What is real is that Obama was born in the United States, voting by mail is safe, and Trump (who is only a few years younger than Biden) is the one who is incapable of being president.

Marlene Bronson, Los Angeles


To the editor: The L.A. Times Editorial Board is no Thomas Jefferson. Rather it’s a collection of left-wing journalists who want to dictate for whom we the people should vote.

We had a choice between Hillary Clinton and Trump in 2016. I don’t see any evidence that we made the wrong decision.

We have a choice again, this time between Trump and Biden. I, an African American, shall vote for Trump again.

Robert S. Rodgers, Culver City


To the editor: Your editorial on the president’s character is correct. So the question is, why did 63 million people vote for him?

Are so many American citizens — and not only non-college-educated white males — so completely duped? What exactly do they see in him?

Here is a question that really scares me: If not for the pandemic, would Trump have been a shoo-in for reelection?

Martin A. Brower, Corona del Mar


To the editor: It seems to me that Trump’s final week of campaigning ought to be referred to as his death tour. He is cramming thousands of people together during a time when it is clear that COVID-19 is making a comeback.

Leaving hundreds of people to fend for themselves in the cold and dark of Omaha, which forced many of them to walk miles back to their cars, is simply the cherry on top of this.

Cathy Tennican, Los Angeles


To the editor: After nearly four years of nonstop gaslighting by Trump, we grow numb to his daily outrages. I was surprised that his latest flap barely got a nod from the media.

The president, surely knowing COVID-19 would be a topic, stormed off a “60 Minutes” interview. His press secretary gave journalist Leslie Stahl a heavy tome, saying it was Trump’s health plan, when it was just a collection of reports and data.

Sadly, there are farmers in Iowa, waiters in Ohio and mechanics in Texas who will vote for this lying billionaire who wouldn’t be caught dead in their church or sharing a cup of coffee and a conversation with them.

Angelo Lombardo, Valencia