Letters to the Editor: Trump tried to overthrow an election. There’s no excuse for defending him now

President Trump speaks on election night.
President Trump speaks about the election in the East Room of the White House on Nov. 4.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: To the letter writer who explains why millions of Californians voted for President Trump’s reelection, I say that his Republican policies aren’t a good enough reason.

Look at what he’s been doing since election day. In fact, what he’s doing was entirely predictable, because he’s been saying he would do this for months: He is trying to steal an election by disenfranchising thousands, if not millions, of voters. Using the full power of his position, he is arguing that Americans who didn’t vote for him shouldn’t have their ballots tabulated.

Was it in the “national interest,” as the letter writer claims Trump cares about, to try to delegitimize a free and fair election?


I’m amazed that 70 million people fully knew that Trump would do this — subvert our most essential and basic right as citizens of a democracy — and still voted for him. No amount of rationalizations can justify that.

Zareh Delanchian, Tujunga


To the editor: If I were to edit the letter explaining California Republicans’ support of Trump, I think it could be whittled down to one sentence, “Forget you, I’ve got mine.”

Although not blatantly racist, you could argue that this often leads to racial inequities that can last for generations.

Antonia Smolen, Laguna Niguel


To the editor: The letter writer says that “many Trump voters like his policies but dislike the way he conducted his presidency” and that “their support has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy.”

I completely agree. Not all Trump voters are motivated by racism — they’re just willing to condone it.

Russ Woody, Studio City


To the editor: As his days as commander in chief wane, Trump’s endless days as whiner in chief have just begun. We must prepare for the president’s ceaseless badgering, bullying, goading and excuse making far beyond this election.

America, there will be no respite from this man.

Barbara Marcus, Sherman Oaks