Letters to the Editor: Anti-Newsom ‘maskholes’ are putting people’s lives at risk

Maggie Assaele of Westlake Village holds a sign that says "Recall Newsom."
Maggie Assaele of Westlake Village takes part in a protest against the state shutdown order outside Cronies sports bar and grill in Agoura Hills.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: When Maggie Assaele looked at the photo of herself in the Dec. 20 L.A. Times, unmasked and holding a “Recall Newsom” sign, I hope she read Gustavo Arrellano’s column on the same page about pancreatic cancer patient Kim Folsom’s tragic death while looking for emergency medical care at hospitals with no beds available, as well as the pain and anger of her surviving husband, Billy.

To borrow Billy’s term, she and the pictured restaurant customers defying the restrictions on outdoor dining should stop being “maskholes” and start examining their own selfish actions. I am livid at GOP opportunists using these dark days to attempt a recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Furthermore, I am heartbroken to see a letter to the editor in the same day’s paper justifying spending $81 million for a recall election so families can have get-togethers during the holidays. I hope that reader considers Billy Folsom’s ordeal.


Marilyn Welch, Chino Hills


To the editor: The juxtaposition of the article on recalling Newsom with Arellano’s column telling Kim Folsom’s sad story was very revealing.

Yes, Newsom has made some mistakes, but he also did a lot to prevent the type of scenario that sadly ended Kim Folsom’s life from happening last spring or summer. If he had not taken action then, can you imagine how many more people would have had the same fate?

My heart goes out to the Folsom family. I agree strongly with Billy Folsom’s assessment that his wife’s fate rests on the shoulders of the “maskholes.”

I would also add that President Trump addressed the pandemic as a political problem instead of a scientific one. Had he spoken up about this the way his advisors had told him in the beginning, things would be a lot different now.

Kim Folsom did not have to die this way.

Bruce Fischer, Huntington Beach



To the editor: Sadly, the “hoax” crowd has pulled their heads out of the sand. “Recall Newsom,” they scream.

Did they follow the science? Adhere to the state rules? Do their “jobs” to keep COVID-19 infections down?

At the same time these recall petitions are being written about in articles around the state, COVID-19 is overwhelming our healthcare system. It’s too bad so many of them didn’t spend their energy actually following the rules.

But hey, blame Newsom. Yeah, it’s his fault. How Trumpish of these people.

Jimmie Robertson, Dana Point