Letters to the Editor: If California is a beacon of COVID-19 compliance, Texas must be hell

Many people at Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles wear masks.
Most of the people at Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles on June 15 were seen complying with L.A. County’s newly reinstated mask mandate.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I sadly have to disagree with the letter written by the couple from Houston visiting California describing how impressed they are with how seriously Californians are taking COVID-19.

I wonder if they see footage from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles or Petco Park in San Diego, where thousands of people sit together cheering without wearing masks. There are people at stores who are not only unmasked, but also seem not to keep their distance from those who are masked. Parents pick their kids up from school without wearing masks.

It’s eerily like “The Twilight Zone.”

Generally, if you’re outside the Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay areas, you’re not likely to see this “polite, generous” behavior indoors or out. This applies to beach towns up and down the coast, throughout Orange and San Diego counties.


Texas must be unlivable.

Barbara Segal, Carlsbad


To the editor: I want to thank Milton and Kathie Magness from Texas for writing that letter. It made me cry. I too feel grateful to my fellow Californians for following the public health guidelines.

Neighbors who just got back from Nashville said that no one was wearing a mask, and they got stared at for doing so.

Now, let’s get the remaining folks here and everywhere else vaccinated.

Marilyn N. Robertson, Mt. Washington