Bobby Saadian

Personal Injury Lawyers 2022

Founding President
Wilshire Law Firm, PLC

Renowned plaintiff’s lawyer Bobby Saadian founded Wilshire Law Firm, PLC in 2007 and has since grown his practice into an award-winning law firm with more than 35 attorneys and over 200 team members. Under his leadership, Wilshire Law Firm has recovered nearly $1 billion in compensation for clients.A skilled negotiator and confident leader of a well-respected trial law firm, Saadian has an impressive track record in achieving maximum compensation for his clients. One of his most notable case results was a $28.7 million settlement, which provided compensation for an 11-year-old student who was hit by a car and catastrophically injured while walking home. In addition to providing financial recovery, the settlement required the victim’s school district to implement groundbreaking policy changes to better protect IEP/Section 504 students. Saadian holds positions on several legal leadership boards.