Ryan D. Saba

Personal Injury Lawyers 2022

Rosen Saba, LLP

Ryan D. Saba is a civil litigation and trial attorney who has been at the forefront of many social changes for his clients, including some of the largest verdicts and settlements in California each year. Last year, he was one of the only attorneys who tried two long cause jury trials that both resulted in substantial wins. The first started in December 2019 and ended in February 2020 which resulted in a $25.6 million jury verdict - the largest personal injury verdict in California in 2020. The second trial was a business litigation matter regarding the manufacturing of snack bars wherein Saba successfully defended against a $50 million claim. During the pandemic, Saba settled a number of cases as a plaintiff lawyer, including a $20 million road design personal injury; a $14.75 million legal malpractice; a $10 million medical malpractice; and a $4.4 million legal malpractice case, among others.