Saleem K. Erakat

Personal Injury Lawyers 2022

Rashtian Law Group

Saleem Erakat began his career defending product liability clients, with an emphasis in automobile and pharmaceutical products. After 10 years, he wanted to make a difference in the lives of those injured by defective products, negligent individuals and property owners. Among Erakat’s successful cases has been his work representing an eightyear- old boy that suffered a retinal detachment and permanent partial loss of vision in one eye after being hit with a ball at a church-sponsored overnight youth event. Erakat obtained recovery from the church as well as the homeowner’s insurance policy of the boy who threw the tennis ball for a total settlement of $650,000. He also represented an individual that suffered a torn meniscus after being required to obtain materials from an unsafe storage unit. The knee injury led to further injuries over the next two years, resulting in a $700,000 settlement on behalf of the client.