The Times podcast: Hey, Pete Wilson decided to talk to us

Gustavo Arellano holds a poster board with a campaign flier mounted next to a newspaper clipping.
Gustavo Arellano holds a poster board with a campaign flier mounted beside his first-ever journalism article. The subject? Former California Gov. Pete Wilson.
(Allen Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

When we originally recorded “This Is California: The Battle of 187,” we tried and tried to get an interview with former California Gov. Pete Wilson. He’s the man most responsible for making Proposition 187 a success. But Wilson’s people kept saying he was too busy — likely story, am I right?


Then, one sunny morning, Wilson decided he was ready to talk.

This is Part Four of our rerun of the L.A. Times-Futuro Studios 2019 podcast series “This Is California: The Battle of 187,” about the 1994 California ballot initiative that sought to make life miserable for undocumented immigrants but instead radicalized a generation of Latinos in the state.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guest: Former California Gov. Pete Wilson

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