Reeling Clippers hope to rebound at Phoenix

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is seen during a game against the 76ers in Philadelphia on Jan. 24.

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is seen during a game against the 76ers in Philadelphia on Jan. 24.

(Matt Slocum / Associated Press)

For the Clippers, Sunday was a day off that allowed the team to absorb their humbling 46-point loss to Golden State on Saturday night.

Monday was when Clippers Coach Doc Rivers made his players relive the nightmare by watching film of their latest blowout loss to the Warriors.

And Tuesday was the day for the Clippers to pick up the pieces and prepare for Wednesday night’s game at Phoenix.


“Yesterday [Monday] was a lot of corrective. We watched film for a long time. It wasn’t fun,” Blake Griffin said before Tuesday’s practice. “But we needed it. It was good to see all the easily correctable mistakes that were made. Today, we’ll continue the work we started yesterday. But we’re focused on Phoenix now.”

The Clippers’ defeat to the Warriors was so thorough that DeAndre Jordan tried to forget about it.


“I mean, it’s never easy when you get your [butt] kicked by 46 points to kind of let it go,” Jordan said. “But you have to because we’ve got 30-something [34] games until the postseason. We’ll see those guys in a couple of days and hopefully we’ll see them again in the playoffs.

“A team like that, everybody knows in the Western Conference that’s the team that you have to go through. There are certain teams you have to go through to reach your ultimate goal. And it’s a team like that, San Antonio, Houston is playing great. So we’ve just got to continue to learn from games like that but try not to let it happen again.”

J.J. Redick said the Clippers have to get back to their “core principles.” That means executing their game plan, playing defense with a purpose and putting in a consistent effort.

“If you do those consistently, then it’s easy to make some of the game-to-game adjustments,” he said. “But when you’re not doing your core principles consistently, you end up just guessing a lot. To be honest with you, that’s what bad teams do. So, we at times this year have looked like a bad team.”

Trade talk

There have been widespread reports that the Clippers are trying to acquire Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony in a deal that could include swapping Clippers guards Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford, plus others.

Doc Rivers was asked Friday if these reports were a distraction for his players.

“Well, you don’t keep the noise out because guys are going to ask them about it and they are going to write about it,” Rivers said.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. I think guys have been around the league long enough to understand that that’s what happens. But until I say something to them or [vice president of basketball operations] Lawrence [Frank], they should just keep playing.”

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