Dodgers commit to pay non-playing employees through May 31

People sit on a hill overlooking Dodger Stadium on what was supposed to be Major League Baseball's opening day on March 26.
(Mario Tama / Getty Images)

The Dodgers on Friday informed non-playing employees they will be paid through May 31 while the Major League Baseball season remains suspended indefinitely.

The organization joined a long list of major-league clubs that already made the pledge. The Angels notified their employees earlier in the week. The San Diego Padres went farther, telling half of their employees they would be paid for the entire 2020 season with possible pay cuts if the season is canceled. The Texas Rangers so far are the only club reportedly not committing to paying employees through the end of May.

Earlier this month, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced he had suspended Uniform Employee Contracts starting May 1, permitting franchises to furlough employees or cut salaries after April.

The Dodgers unveiled financial assistance totaling $1.3 million for game-day workers Wednesday — over a month after MLB announced each team would pledge at least $1 million. Each worker will receive a one-time payment of $350, $600 or $750 depending on the worker’s service time and whether they’re employed by a third-party contractor.