Dodgers commit to paying minor league players through June

People sit on a hill overlooking Dodger Stadium on what was supposed to be MLB opening day, March 26.
People sit on a hill overlooking Dodger Stadium on what was supposed to be Major League Baseball’s opening day, March 26.
(Mario Tama / Getty Images)

The Dodgers have committed to continue paying their minor leaguers $400 per week through the end of June, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

The organization previously had pledged to pay the players the $400 week stipend — equivalent to the spring training per diem — through May 31.

Whether the Dodgers will extend the compensation into July is unknown. The franchise is working month by month, hoping there will be a minor league season that will produce paychecks for players. That appears unlikely. Although Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association are in heated discussions about starting the 2020 season in July, the industry consensus is the minor leagues will not hold a season this year.

Hundreds of college juniors and high school seniors who normally would be drafted and signed by MLB teams will instead crowd college rosters beyond capacity.


The Dodgers are joined by a growing number of franchises that have committed to paying their minor leaguers at least through June. Not every team, however, has made that pledge.

The Oakland Athletics this week notified minor leaguers that the team would stop paying the $400 weekly stipend. On the other hand, the San Diego Padres and Miami Marlins have committed to paying their minor leaguers the $400 stipend through August.

Earlier this week, the Dodgers notified full-time employees that the team would implement a tiered system of pay cuts. Employees making at least $75,000 per year will receive pay cuts ranging from 15% to 35%.