School police officer at Taft hailed for helping prevent tragedy


Taft High school police officer Glen Wright is always ready for anything. He was at the high school on the afternoon of Aug. 29 preparing for the school to host a football game and was patrolling the campus when he was alerted by people reporting a suicidal woman on the roof of a neighboring business, according to a posting on the LAUSD school police’s Facebook page:

“Officer Wright took immediate action and responded to the location. He observed a female adult standing on the roof of the business distraught and threatening to end her life.

“Officer Wright requested assistance and was able to gain access to a second story balcony and began talking with the female.


“Using his communication skills, he reassured her everything would be okay as long as she was willing to trust him and come down. After several minutes of talking to her, the female was safely escorted down from the roof.

“The female was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital for proper medical care.

Officer Wright is to be commended for his brave and selfless actions which resulted in the prevention of a loss of life.”

Assistant principal Neezer McNab said, “We were extremely proud of him for being able to talk the person down and save a life.”