The 50 greatest Super Bowl moments of all time, Nos. 10-1

We continue out countdown of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history with Nos. 10-1.

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No. 10: Jack Youngblood plays Super Bowl on broken leg, Super Bowl XIV

Jack Youngblood was already a favorite among many L.A. Rams fans, but he cemented his status by playing Super Bowl XIV on a broken leg he suffered while playing against Dallas in a divisional playoff game.


The play that broke Jack Youngblood’s leg

No. 9: Dolphins complete perfect season, Super Bowl VII

The Miami Dolphins are still the only team to win every game they played, including the playoffs, in one season.

Dolphins finish 17-0

No. 8: Titans finish one yard short, Super Bowl XXXIV

The Rams are leading 23-16, but the Tennessee Titans have time for one play. Quarterback Steve McNair passes to wide receiver Kevin Dyson, who catches the ball at the 3, who takes a step and gets hit by Mike Jones of the Rams, who stops him at the 1.

Titans fall one yard short

No. 7: Santonio Holmes goes toes in for the victory, Super Bowl XLIII

Trailing by three with time running down, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger finds Santonio Holmes in the end zone. Despite being surrounded by Cardinals, Holmes catches the ball and somehow does a toe-balancing act to make sure both feet touch down for the victory.

Santonio Holmes goes toes down

No. 6: U2’s halftime show, Super Bowl XXXVI

With the nation still in shock after the devastating attacks on 9/11, rock band U2 puts on a very special Super Bowl halftime show. With the names of those rising on a screen behind them, the band plays “Where the Streets Have No Name” and Bono ends it by opening his jacket to reveal an American flag. Goose-bump inducing.


U2’s halftime show

No. 5: Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning kick starts a dynasty, Super Bowl XXXVI

With the Patriots and Rams tied, 17-17, Adam Vinatieri kicks a 48-yard field goal as time expires to give the New England Patriots their first Super Bowl title.

Adam Vinatieri’s winning kick

No. 4: Joe Namath backs up his guarantee

The Jets were three-touchdown underdogs to the seemingly invincible Colts, but quarterback Joe Namath didn’t care. He guaranteed a victory before the game, and leads the Jets to a 16-7 victory.

No. 3: Seahawks get picked off in the end zone, Super Bowl XLIX

Seattle is moments away from winning their second consecutive Super Bowl. All they have to do is hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch, who will waltz into the end zone for a touchdown. Instead, they call for a pass. Malcolm Butler of the Patriots intercepts. And it is a long off-season for Seattle.


Malcolm Butler’s interception

No. 2: David Tyree’s helmet catch, Super Bowl XLII

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning escapes two tackles and launches a pass downfield on third and five. Giants receiver David Tyree manages to pin the pass against his helmet in one of the greatest catches of all time. Four plays later, Manning connects with Plaxico Burress for the game-winning touchdown as the Giants shock the previously undefeated New England Patriots.

David Tyree’s helmet catch

No. 1: Marcus Allen’s reverse run, Super Bowl XVIII

L.A. Raiders quarterback Jim Plunkett takes the snap at his own 26 and pitches to Marcus Allen, who runs toward a wall of Redskins defenders. He reverses field and goes 74 yards for a touchdown as the Raiders win in a rout, 38-9.

Marcus Allen’s reverse run

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