Thinking about sports and other silly things

Thinking about sports and other silly things
Joel McHale, host of his summer's ESPYs, participates in a panel at The Times' Envelope Emmy event at the ArcLight Sherman Oaks on June 2. (Michael Kovac / Getty Images for Yahoo)

Random thoughts while trying to figure out a place to put an NFL stadium on the water, which on TV would make Southern California look like Camelot:

—I just hope Lakers draft pick D'Angelo Russell realizes what a warm, nurturing atmosphere he's about to find himself in this fall.


—No truth to the rumor that the Clippers are trying to trade Clipper Darrell.

—According to the Wall Street Journal, New York Mets fans have the worst grammar in the league. A study of team websites found 13.9 mistakes per 100 words in their fans' feedback.

—Dodgers fans ranked 16th in total grammar mistakes and Angels fans 20th. Which ain't too bad.

—I just consider it a good day when some overzealous daddy named Diddy doesn't get arrested.

—Alert your liver: Del Mar is reopening.

—Like Pavarotti, American Pharoah seems to benefit from an extra lung.

—I agree with actor and sports fan Dustin Hoffman: Movies have rarely been worse.

—So why not a new stadium on the water? In a heartbeat, that's how Orange County could steal an NFL team from L.A.

—Best sandwich outside of Langer's Deli: a pulled pork hot dog combo ($10.50) at the Farmer John's stand in center field at Angel Stadium. Grab extra napkins.

—The biggest stat in the Women's World Cup victory by the U.S. is the blockbuster TV rating, further proof that the World Cup should be an annual event, not once every four years.

—Jeeesh, will someone make me commissioner of something already?

—Let me run FIFA. I could use the cash.

—For most viewers, the best moment in Tuesday's All-Star baseball game was the promo for a college football telecast Sept. 3.

—I really miss Letterman.


—If only the Lakers were as aggressive and prescient as the Galaxy.

—Really, is there a worse job than being Florida State's head warden? I mean head football coach.

—All-Star most valuable player Mike Trout still has a lot of little boy in him. He plays the game with the gusto of a 10-year-old after too many Skittles.

—Bottle that quality and send it around an otherwise dour MLB.

—Birthday wishes to Carli Lloyd (33), Barry Sanders (47) and "Shoeless" Joe Jackson (128).

—ESPY host Joel McHale isn't your typical skinny comic. He played football at Washington, after getting kicked off the rowing team for fighting.

—Start your autumn with the Santa Monica Classic 5K and 10K on Sept. 13, a Sunday, with runners finishing at the pier. Info:

—I'm still awaiting the presidential candidate who preaches moderation in youth sports and sanity in college tuition.

—OK, I won't hold my breath.

—Hey Letterman, if Michael Jordan can un-retire three times, you can come back at least once.

—Florida State needs to find its own Pat Haden.

—Speaking of retiring, the Green Bay Packers retire Brett Favre's No. 4 on Saturday. Five years after leaving the game, he tells Sports Illustrated he could still make all the throws.

—You know it's mid-July when pretty much the only things filling the sports section are box scores and arrest reports.

—There's something to be said for a sport (soccer) with no timeouts.

—Pete Carroll loves coaching the way I love nacho cheese. And they may end up killing both of us.

—At 11-4, Cavs are still the faves to win next NBA title, the online sports book Bovada says.

—Long Beach would probably be the best potential site for a stadium on the sea, notes commercial real estate executive Robert Ortiz. There is light rail, a new mayor, potential sites. And it's always been the sort of city that gets things done.

—Homer Simpson would do a better job of running the Lakers. D'oh!

—A trolley line between Dodger Stadium and Griffith Park would ease traffic problems and make for a better game experience.

—Then we'd have the return of the famed trolley dodgers.

—The Albert Pujols home run countdown board in center field is terrific, but needs better exposure.

—Golf trivia: Some say the game dates back 1,000 years, to when bored Scottish shepherds took to using sticks to knock stones into rabbit holes.

—Which pretty much describes my game today.

—Favorite Yogi Berra quote: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."