Here’s what the brutally honest Jalen Ramsey thinks of practically every quarterback in the NFL

Jalen Ramsey has strong opinions on just about every quarterback in the NFL — and the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback was happy to share all of them during a recent interview with GQ magazine.

He thinks highly of New England’s Tom Brady and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, but not Buffalo Bills rookie Josh Allen (“He’s trash.”) or Baltimore’s Joe Flacco (“He sucks.”).

What about his team’s quarterback, the often-critcized Blake Bortles?


“People say Blake sucks, but he took us to the AFC Championship Game off strictly doing what was just asked of him: not turning the ball over, running Leonard [Fournette] to death, letting the defense get some turnovers and putting us in a good field position to capitalize on,” Ramsey said.

“That was what we asked him to do. Playoff Blake is good. People can say whatever, but playoff Blake is good. I think that’s how it is with a lot of teams: as long as you do what that team is asking you to do, and you do it well with the rest of the team, then you can be considered good — or at least not bad.”

Ramsey said the same goes for Detroit’s Matthew Stafford. “I don’t think he the best quarterback out there,” Ramsey said. “But he do what he gotta do.”

Perhaps the highest praise went to two young quarterbacks who showed a lot of promise before injuries derailed their seasons last year.

“[Houston’s] Deshaun Watson, he’ll be the league MVP in a couple years — 100%. There’s not even a debate about that,” Ramsey said. “Him and [Philadelphia’s] Carson Wentz, for every year starting now until five to 10 years, it’s gonna be them two. They’re that good.”

Jacksonville's Jalen Ramsey, right, yells at Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after a fumble return for a touchdown on Jan. 14.
(Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

Here’s what Ramsey thinks about some of the other quarterbacks around the league:

Rams’ Jared Goff — “Average to above average.”

Chargers’ Philip Rivers — “Pretty good.”

Atlanta’s Matt Ryan — “Overrated.”

Cleveland’s Tyrod Taylor — “A better quarterback than he gets credit for.”

Dallas’ Dak Prescott — “OK.”

Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck — “I don’t really think he’s that good.”

Miami’s Ryan Tannehill — “I don’t know much about him.”

Minnesota’s Kirk Cousins — “A winner.”

New York Giants’ Eli Manning — “I won’t say Eli’s good, I’ll say [receiver] Odell [Beckham Jr.]’s good.”

New Orleans’ Drew Brees — “Really good, even at this age.”

Oakland’s Derek Carr — “Good.”

Philadelphia’s Nick Foles — “He won them a Super Bowl, so he’s good enough to do that.”

Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger — “Decent at best.”

San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo — “I don’t know yet.”

Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota — “A great quarterback for their team.”

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