Letters: All-Star game is a giant bore

 Yasiel Puig
A little bit of Yasiel Puig might have made the Major League Baseball All-Star Game a little more interesting.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

With barely any competition and TV ratings almost matching last year’s historic lows, Bruce Bochy and Major League Baseball reaped what they sowed.

In a low-scoring and boring contest, who wouldn’t have wanted to see a Mariano Rivera vs. Yasiel Puig matchup?

At least man up, Bruce, and admit you left Puig off the roster because he’s a Dodger. We can understand and almost forgive you for that. And to borrow a phrase from the Middle East peace talks, once again, Bud Selig and MLB have proven they never “miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” Maybe David Stern will become the new marketing consultant for baseball when he steps down from the NBA this year.

Allan Kandel


Los Angeles


I cannot understand Clayton’s Kershaw’s concern for anything Bruce Bochy has to say. Bochy is just another journeyman baseball player who languished for years in San Diego. Then, for reasons unknown, he was hired to manage the Giants. Voila, now he’s a genius.

Just enjoy yourself, Clayton. It will be over before you know it.


Alex Fernandez



There were two interesting moments in the TV coverage of the All-Star game:

Ex-Angel Torii Hunter giving a pregame pep talk to the AL players, and new Angels C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton in a “Head & Shoulders with Old Spice” commercial. Somehow, there’s a message in there.

John Lane




Dear Mike Scioscia:

Once Joe Blanton is 2-16 or 3-18, will you then at least consider sticking him in the bullpen where he can’t do any more damage?

Bruce Liebman

Los Angeles


Just think how much better off the Angels would be if they had kept Torii Hunter, Jean Segura and Patrick Corbin, and not signed any of those overpriced free agents.

Greg Fuller

Santa Monica



It was so refreshing to hear how excited and proud Ricky Nolasco was to join the Dodgers, his “team” growing up. Too bad Ned Colletti can’t fill the other 24 roster spots with players with similar ties to Dodger Blue. Maybe then it would be the Dodgers winning pennants instead of the hated Giants.

Ken Blake


Lakers nostalgia

The Lakers were trying to sell Dwight Howard and the Lakers’ fans on an organization that is no longer what it once was. Mitch Kupchak is good but no Jerry West. Jim Buss is certainly no Jerry Buss. Mike D’Antoni shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath with Phil Jackson. The Lakers, even with Howard, would not be as formidable as the Kobe/Shaq or Kareem/Magic teams. Even the TV and radio announcers are average at best.

Sure, Los Angeles is a great place to live and play, but if I’m making $20 million a year I’m still living pretty good in Houston. Dwight Howard is a good, maybe great, player, but he is not the answer to what ails the Lakers.

Wil Laurent

La Habra


Now that the Lakers are bringing back Jordan Farmar and possibly Lamar Odom to remind fans of the way we were, I think they should go all in. Instead of having Kurt Rambis coach, let him put on those short shorts and play.

Richard Katz

Los Angeles


Someday Phil Jackson’s grandkids will come out of the NBA Hall of Fame and say: “We are so proud of Grandpa, but what’s up with Grandma Jeanie’s brother Jim?”

Russ W. Bill

Fountain Valley


Golden State has four bright young stars. How many do the Lakers have?

Except for St. Pau, how many NBA players want to play with Kobe?

Same answer.

Mark Dubay

Mission Viejo


I keep thinking it’s April Fools Day, I can’t say I understand what the Lakers are doing. I’ll know this plan is from another world when they bring back everyone’s favorite “space cadet.” Earth to Vlad Radmanovic —- where are you?

Chris Gagliano

Rancho Palos Verdes

Dustin time

The Ducks’ signing of Dustin Penner would be like if the Angels decided to sign another no-talent slug, like, say, Joe Blanton.

Mike Reuben

Anaheim Hills


What a coincidence that Dustin Penner “always wanted to come back” to the Ducks. After the Kings paid him $3.25 million last season for his two goals scored, I couldn’t wait for him to leave.

Andrea Lacker

El Segundo

No Tiger fan

Any interest in Tiger Woods’ pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major championship titles is a figment of sportswriters’ imaginations. Tiger is better remembered for bringing in new fans who yell “you da man” and “in the hole,” cursing on camera, smashing clubs into the ground, throwing his family under the bus, and wearing the same clothes every Sunday.

Kevin H. Park


The cable is out

What is the most annoying sound? It’s not fingernails on a chalk board, a crying baby on a plane or even Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber.”

It is Chris Berman saying, “back back back back back back” at the home run derby. He needs to be back back back GONE!

Mark Holub

Diamond Bar


Theatre of the absurd: Keith Olbermann (who swore he’d never, ever go back!) is returning to ESPN (which swore he’d never, ever come back!).

Let me guess, his new talk show is called “When Hell Freezes Over”?

Steve Ross

New York

Feeling dopey

Was it just a coincidence that Tuesday’s sports section had the two pieces on drug use in track on the same page as the story on the Tour de France? Just asking.

Andrew Rubin

Playa Vista


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