Letters: Dodgers finally take it to the next level

So, after the Dodgers put it to the Cubbies in convincing fashion and the party started at my packed-with-blue local sports bar, a Cubs fan works the room congratulating every Dodgers fan in the house. As he's making the rounds, this fellow comes up to me and says "I am truly happy for you, now go win this." Hugs all around.

The world may seem sideways these days, but somehow, I think we're gonna be all right.


Jim Brock

West Los Angeles


As a lifelong Dodgers fan it is beyond words to finally see the boys in blue back in the Fall Classic after 29 long years. Lest we forget, it was 29 years prior to the 1988 Series that the Dodgers made it to their first World Series representing Los Angeles. I can't wait to see what is in store for the 2046 season. Go Blue!

Dennis Lifton



How wonderful to see Tommy Lasorda at the Dodgers' pennant-clinching win in Chicago!

I only wish that someone had been there to ask him his opinion of Kiké's performance.

Doug Thomson

West Los Angeles


Congratulation to the Dodgers on their 11-1 victory winning them the pennant. If it's any solace to the Cubs, their loss was only 2-1 in Roman numerals.

Gary Robb


Boyle Heights


So gratifying to finally read an article extolling the virtues of Major League Baseball's finest executive, Andrew Friedman. Nearly three years in and he has successfully combined the art of winning trades, signing valuable free-agent additions, building a knowledgeable staff, and rebuilding the farm system — all while creating an environment where players want to be. Whether the Dodgers go on and win it all this season, one thing is for certain: Andrew's Blue Crew will be in the World Series conversation for years to come.

Doug Whithorne

Santa Monica


Global warming: horrible hurricanes in the Southeast; terrible fires in the West; islands sinking in the Pacific. But at least balls are finally flying out of Dodger Stadium at night.

David Weber

West Hollywood


The Oakland A's had the Bash Brothers of Canseco and McGwire. Now 30 years later the Dodgers have the tongue-wagging Snake Brothers of Puig and Taylor (maybe the whole team soon). Just a little something to help this very special bunch continue to work toward a World Series ring.

Jay Slater

Los Angeles


Justin Turner's home run was beyond awesome, but not nearly as miraculous as Kirk Gibson's, so can everyone please stop with the comparisons?

1. Gibson's homer was hit with the Dodgers trailing, not tied.

2. It happened in the World Series, not the NLCS, propelling the Dodgers to an upset victory over a prohibitively favored opponent.

3. It was hit off the game's most dominant closer, Dennis Eckersley, who jumped out ahead with two quick strikes. With each pitch, Gibby looked overmatched as he battled to work the count full.

4. And the capper, Gibson was injured and not expected to play. He couldn't run. Coming out of the dugout to hit was in itself miraculous.

I still say the only homer as good as Gibson's was hit by Robert Redford.

Anthony J. Moretti


Not a great start

So if the Lakers win about five or six more games this season to add to last year's mark of 26 wins, is that going to guarantee that the likes of a LeBron James and or a Paul George are going to want to sign with the club as free agents? I don't think so. Until we actually see a big-name free agent or two sign on the Lakers' dotted line, it will be another long season, with just a little bit of growth, but not much. I hope Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have a Plan B.

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley


Ball don't lie. Except for LaVar, who told us his son was an NBA player. After Thursday night's game, it's obvious he belongs on the bench or the D league, not in the starting lineup. The Lakers are probably already regretting they gave up on D'Angelo Russell, who scored 30 points in the Nets opener.

Lonzo needs some schooling. He should be in class right now at UCLA.

Robert Bubnovich



The only thing worse than Lonzo's performance in the opener was LaVar's performance in his interview after the game.

Glen Thompson



LaVar Ball asks, "Who is Patrick Beverly?" Well, LaVar, I'll tell you. He is the guy on the Clippers that reminded all of us that Lonzo is now playing with grown men.

Jim Amormino

Rancho Palos Verdes

No defense of Bruins

I think it's classy of UCLA to offer tickets to this week's game for $19.67 in honor of Gary Beban's 1967 Heisman Trophy. Of course, that's well above market value for a ticket to see this team play, but it's still classy.

Rob Osborne

Manhattan Beach


Take heart, Bruins fans, it's only 351 days until the next bye week.

Mario Valvo



When UCLA had a bye week to prepare for Arizona and then allowed 605 yards of offense, perhaps it's time for AD Dan Guerrero to say "Bye Bye" to coach Jim Mora and/or defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.

Roy Reel

Culver City


The state of California faces three enormous fiscal challenges: unfunded pension liabilities, support for low-income housing development, and Jim Mora's buyout.

Wesley Wellman

Santa Monica


When the "Mora Era" began, UCLA was on the rise, and Penn State had just been given the "NCAA death penalty"....a program reeling. Now, they're contending for a national championship … while the Bruins are back in solitary confinement. Just sayin' …

Jeff Corliss

Rancho Mirage


Jim Mora spoke about how great the tackling, focus, and energy is in practice, and then comments that it he is baffled when it does not carry over to a game. Really?! Could it be due to the fact that the players that you are tackling in practice have UCLA printed on the front of their uniforms? Of course they are easy to tackle, as everyone they have played has shown. If you truly want to get real-game preparation, maybe bus in Mater Dei or St. John Bosco players so the defense can practice against legitimate Division 1 skill-position players. Definitely couldn't hurt.

Matt Harrell

Huntington Beach


The kids on the UCLA football team are looking at themselves for what is going wrong. Shades of Bob Toledo's last year. It starts with the coaches and their failure to lead. These kids don't need to practice tackling; they need leadership from their coaches.

Felipe Hernandez



Can there be any doubt but that if Jim Healy were still alive and broadcasting, his prelude to talking about UCLA football would be his often-played tape of Charles Barkley: "Bad team, man, bad bleeping team."

Richard Agay

Los Angeles

Trojan times

Why hasn't USC given a scholarship to kicker Chase McGrath? Perhaps he is in a fraternity or he has parents that have "Lifetime" Associates parking that has been revoked by "Mad" Max Nikias. This isn't the Trojan family that I knew.

Ted Bartscherer




Dereliction of duty: Lynn Swann said he "had not talked with Andy Enfield about how USC would handle players who could potentially be ruled ineligible by the NCAA."

Kathleen Collins

Santa Monica

Captain on board

I never understood why The Times' hockey writers would turn on Dustin Brown. Brown was the guy delivering — and taking — more hits than anyone on the team. He never backed away from going deep into the corners. He would fight for every inch around the goal crease as well. He was the captain of two Stanley Cup champion teams, and instrumental in securing both Cups. From my point of view, he's still the captain and he's delivering every night.

Ed Galsterer


Here's the answer

In the Oct. 14 sports letters regarding the U.S. soccer team's failure to qualify for the World Cup, Barry Smith wrote, "The question most Americans want to know is, what is soccer?". He is absolutely correct — most Americans, which include Central Americans, South Americans, Mexicans (North Americans), call the sport futbol.

Brad Nelson


Fine whiner

Chris Paul asked a question of his former team: "If you're not trying to contend with the Warriors, what are you doing?" I'd like to remind Mr. Paul of what he was doing: complaining to the refs. Constantly. Especially if one was female. I didn't like that culture either, as a fan, and I think Mr. Paul was as much a part of creating it, as anyone on the team.

Houston, you can have the problem.

Craig Rosen

Los Angeles


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