Letters: Rams might be turning into the Bad Boys of the NFL

If the Rams add Vontaze Burfict to their recent defensive acquisitions,they’ll generate enough revenue from fines to add Richie Incognito to the mix!

Gary Wilson




It is very difficult to understand the logic and rationale with signing Ndamukong Suh by the Rams given Suh’s history and the likely effect on the positive team chemistry that they have worked so hard to build.

Lou Soto

Trabuco Canyon



The Rams must now add former Dodger Milton Bradley to the coaching staff. Not only is he good at throwing water bottles, he can print an endless supply of the soon to be needed “Get Out of Jail Free” cards.

Bruce Galler


The 1-2 pitch

Was Sam Farmer serious? Did Cleveland coach Hue Jackson really say Baker Mayfield going “Hee hee!” — inspiring “Hee Hee!” from others — was “the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen”?

If so, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold can avoid being drafted by the Browns by simply not laughing for the next four weeks.

Bennett Tramer

Santa Monica



Why will Sam Darnold be USC’s fourth No. 1 overall NFL draft pick instead of Josh Rosen? Character vs. a character. Durability vs. injury prone. Mobility vs. a statue. Leadership vs. excuses. Choosing to throw in the rain vs. avoiding it. Politics to himself vs. politically polarizing. Blue collar work ethic vs. “my arm doesn’t require any work.”

It’ll be fascinating to watch their respective careers unfold.

Kirk Baker

Santa Clarita


Is it any wonder that UCLA dismissed former head football coach Jim Mora? His comment about Sam Darnold as a likely first pick in the draft is about as inane as one could imagine: “Because he represents kind of what Cleveland is.”

Are readers justified to believe that Mora is of sound mind? Is Darnold held in such diminished regard that he represents a dilapidated metropolis on the shores of Lake Erie? Could it be that Mora is trying to protect his former star pupil Josh Rosen from falling into the hands of the Browns’ quarterback meat grinder?


Lawrence M. Kates

Los Angeles

Play ball

I’m listening to the Dodgers’ opener on the radio and it seems like every stat is brought to by some commercial plug. I can just hear it now: “This next pitch is brought to you by Anheuser-Busch” or the out at second base was brought to you by “Jack Daniels, the official bourbon of the Dodgers.”

Here’s an idea: How about we just call the game?

Bob Martinez



How can the Dodgers rationalize keeping the no-hit Joc Pederson on the roster and sending Andrew Toles to the minors? Reminds me of the dumb decision(s) in Game 7.

Bill Tewksbury



If it’s the start of another MLB season, it’s time for the cavalcade of negative letters denouncing the Dodgers’ greed in prohibiting their fans from watching their beloved team.

The difference this season? I call BS! DirecTV just raised my rate (again), this time to the tune of seven bucks. Spectrum jacked up the one TV I watch my Dodgers on by $30!

Final verdict: Dodgers cleared of all charges forever. Case closed.

Doug Whithorne

Santa Monica


Parking price at Dodger Stadium is now $25. I want to know if that is coming from Frank McCourt. It feels like leeches are on every Dodgers fan. Parking at Angel Stadium remains $10. Unbelievable!

Imelda Carranza



As an Angels fan, I look toward the upcoming season with great trepidation. Frankly, I just don’t see the Angels winning this year despite having a plethora of super players.

The reason is simple: Albert Pujols.

As long as the Angels continue to bat this over-the-hill player in the middle of their lineup, they will not win. Angels fans will be looking at the standings in June or July wondering why they’re third or fourth. The answer will be their cleanup hitter batting .230, little power and a mess of double plays.

Names don’t hit baseballs — players do. Until the Angels realize Albert is a six-hole hitter — at best — they will struggle. Let’s hope that realization comes to Mike Scioscia and Billy Eppler before the season is lost.

Joe Schillmoeller


Kreskin, he’s not

So I am thinking of LaVar Ball’s predictions.

Lakers to make playoffs. Nope.

Lonzo to be rookie of year. Most likely not, but vote isn’t done

Chino Hills a has-been. The Huskies won the state championship.

I’m glad that LaVar is in Lithuania, where maybe they accept his stories and his chutzpah. But so glad that the mouth that roared isn’t here, though I would like to hear the excuses for his failed predictions.

Barry Levy


Lions’ share

So it’s Michigan vs. Loyola in the NCAA tournament. Many of us Loyola Marymount alumni remember fondly the last time Michigan took on a Loyola team in the tournament!

John Beck


Penalty kicks

I’m not a soccer fan, by any means, but I find it odd that in neither the Saturday nor Sunday sports section could I find the standings for Major League Soccer. Did I not look hard enough, or is there just no room? I’m pretty sure the season is underway.

Dave Thomas



Zlatan! Love him or hate him, he’s always exciting ... and that’s what the Galaxy need, excitement. Bring it!

Steve Schwab


Wrong guy?

It was announced that the Kings’ Dustin Brown is this year’s nominee for the Bill Masterton Trophy, which is awarded to the player who “best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to ice hockey.”

Brown has had a bounce-back season, but being less of an anchor on the team’s salary cap is not the definition of the Masterton, and Mr. Brown’s long history of dirty play should disqualify him from any award that includes sportsmanship in the criteria.

Jennifer Strachan

Burlingame, Calif.

Bad break

Looks like Stan Kasten and Co. have been watching “Pollyanna.” Nowhere on the Dodger website or in their press comments regarding the pipe leak during the final Freeway Series game will you find the word “sewage.”

Referring to it as something like an unintended aqueous discharge from a subterranean conduit isn’t fooling anyone.

Bob Antonoplis

La Cañada


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