NBA quotes: Charles Barkley calls out Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley attends an NBA All-Star Weekend event in New Orleans on Feb. 15.
(Mike Coppola / Getty Images)

The dollar menu

TNT analyst Charles Barkley, speaking with late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien about some of his chintzy millionaire friends: “There’s nobody cheaper than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Oh, yeah, [Jordan is] cheap. I always give homeless people money and he will always slap my hand [and say], ‘If they can ask you for spare change, they can say, “Welcome to McDonald’s, can I help you, please?” ’ “

A costly alternative

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, on his team’s efforts to end its recent slide: “We’ve had plenty of players-only meetings. We’ve had plenty of sit-downs with the team and coaches, some with upper management listening in. Maybe we should all go to group therapy and have an airing of grievances.”


Losing’s contagious too

Detroit Pistons forward Josh Smith, on his teammates’ mind-set: “There’s a lot of young guys that don’t understand the importance of understanding your opponent; it’s still fun for them. What we have to understand is, it’s cool to have fun but look at the severity of the situation. Playing in the postseason is addictive. Being there six times, all you look forward to is that feeling, a feeling like no other.”

Somebody gets it

Denver Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw, on forward Quincy Miller’s struggles defending Memphis’ Tayshaun Prince: “The first time Tayshaun Prince got the ball, he caught it on the wing and drove it left to the middle and one of the fans in the stands yelled down, ‘C’mon, Quincy, everybody knows Tayshaun Prince is left-handed and likes to go left.’ Our whole coaching staff on the bench clapped because the fan was able to figure that out.”


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