Bobby Ryan, a winger on Ducks' top line, is suspended for two games by NHL

Ducks forward Bobby Ryan claimed he said he was sorry on the ice, after stomping on the foot of Nashville defenseman Jonathon Blum late in Friday night's game.

"He shoved me," was Blum's response, according to Ryan.

Ryan got another push Saturday — out the door. The NHL handed him a two-game suspension for what Colin Campbell, the league's senior vice president of hockey operations, called "reckless and dangerous" actions.

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"I don't agree with it, but there's not much to be said," Ryan said. "I don't think [it warranted] a two-game suspension. But it's [the league's] call. Now, I'll be a good teammate and move forward."

The suspension will cost the Ducks one of their best players in a first-round playoff series that is tied, 1-1. Ryan will sit out games Sunday and Wednesday in Nashville. By the time Ryan returns, the Ducks could in trouble.

Ryan, who skates on the top line with Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, was pulled from practice and told of the suspension, which left the Ducks with a huge hole in their offense.

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Ryan had 34 goals and 71 points during the regular season. He scored two goals Friday in the Ducks' 5-3 victory over the Predators in Game 2. Brandon McMillan skated with Perry and Getzlaf during Saturday's practice. McMillan had 11 goals and 21 points during the regular season.

"No one player can replace Bobby Ryan," Ducks Coach Randy Carlyle said.

Carlyle said he was "a little bit surprised with the number of games," but acknowledged, "I don't think from anybody's standpoint there is much of a defense. He committed the act and that's the price that that action warrants."

Ryan was braced for some punishment, but after a teleconference hearing Saturday afternoon, "I thought, maybe not. . . . I thought we defended the play."

League officials felt otherwise after a video review of the play, on which Ryan and Blum battled behind the net and Ryan lifted his foot and stomped hard.

Ryan said, "I tried four or five times to kick the puck loose. The last time I raised my foot a little higher and came down right on top of him. The intent was good. The result was bad."

The league did not agree on the intent.

"While it was fortunate there was no injury to Blum on the play," Campbell said, "the act of using your skate in this manner is unacceptable."

Ryan was taken aback by the stern statement from Campbell, particularly the description of the play as "reckless and dangerous."

"I'm trying to be a little reserved with what I say," Ryan said. "I have never had any kind intent or reckless behavior on the ice. I think that is very loose vocabulary to use."

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