Frank McCourt to Dodgers fans: Don’t worry

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said Tuesday that fans should not be concerned about his financial troubles and renewed his vow to own the team whenever his costly and lengthy divorce proceedings conclude.

“I’m very, very confident at the end of the process that I’m going to own the baseball team and, someday, my four kids are,” McCourt said. “My confidence in that has not changed.”

The Dodgers posted a losing record last season, which could affect season-ticket sales even without a struggling economy and the damaging revelations from McCourt’s divorce trial.

McCourt said ticket sales were “fine” and “right on projections,” but would not say whether sales were up or down as compared to last year.


He said the fans he meets do not want to discuss his divorce, his debt or whether he would sell the team. In seven seasons under McCourt ownership, he said, the Dodgers have advanced to the playoffs four times.

“The fans care about one thing, and that is the team winning,” he said. “That’s really what they want to talk about. They want to talk about the players — our pitching, who’s going to bat cleanup, and so on and so forth. That’s really what they care about — the team, and winning a championship.

“That’s what I want to deliver to the fans, a world championship, more than anything else.”

McCourt, speaking after the Dodgers and the city of Los Angeles dedicated a community baseball field at Northridge Recreation Center, had a quick response to a question about where the Dodgers go after another tumultuous winter.

“We go to spring training,” he said.