Student faces suspension for shaved image of Matt Bonner on head


A middle school student is faced with an in-school suspension for having an image of San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner shaved into the back of his head.

Patrick Gonzalez of Woodlake Hills Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, said he’s always been a huge fan of Bonner.

“Ever since I can remember,” he told FOX station KABB.


With the Spurs playing against the Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals, he decided to display his admiration for his favorite player on his head. When he arrived at school with his new hairdo, the faculty was not pleased.

“My first period teacher called the principal,” Patrick said. “She told her it was a distraction.”

Patrick’s mother, Rose, said she had asked the school for permission before allowing her son to get the cut.

“I didn’t want any kind of problems with any of the principals. I know there are rules and regulations anywhere else you go,” she said.

School officials said there was a misunderstanding.

“There was no permission that was given. If the parent thought that, then it was a miscommunication,” said Aubrey Chancellor of the Judson Independent School District.

Patrick said he planned to shave his head to avoid the suspension.


“I’m mad. I thought we had permission,” he said.


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