Alabama's Nick Saban gets it when it comes to reporting injuries

It may come as a shock to followers of UCLA and USC that some coaches around the country actually don't kick reporters out of practice for reporting on injuries.

It may come as even more of a shock that one coach who offers this information freely is Alabama's Nick Saban.

Saban is not exactly the kind of coach who invites reporters over for lunch, mind you, but he does seem to get it on this particular issue.

I was reviewing Alabama's postgame notes and quotes following the Crimson Tide's 33-14 win over Mississippi when I stumbled across this paragraph in Saban's comments.

Saban:  "We did have some guys that got injured today. DeAndrew White has a knee injury that will be evaluated tomorrow. He was really playing well for us on special teams and really playing his position well offensively. Dee Hart has a possible knee injury that will be evaluated tomorrow. Deion Belue hurt his shoulder and never returned to the game. I don't think that's serious. It's a week or two type deal. He's hurting right now, but I don't really feel like it's something that's going to keep him out for a long time."

We sure hope this policy doesn't cost Saban any national championships.

Saban has more BCS titles than any coach, three, and his team is currently a unanimous No. 1 in the latest Associated Press poll.

But just wait until his opponents get a hold of this latest information.


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