Live discussion: Jordan Hill, Dwight Howard injury updates

<p> </p><p>If you missed our live Google+ Hangout with <a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="ORSPT000104" title="Los Angeles Lakers" href="">Lakers</a> writer Mike Bresnahan and Clippers writer Brad Turner, you missed some good conversation on our two local basketball teams, especially about injuries.</p><p><a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="PESPT0000010781" title="Jordan Hill" href="/topic/sports/basketball/jordan-hill-PESPT0000010781-topic.html">Jordan Hill</a> will not need the back surgery that <a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="PESPT008416" title="Dwight Howard" href="/topic/sports/basketball/dwight-howard-PESPT008416-topic.html">Dwight Howard</a> needed. He is week-to-week.</p><p>Hill was sort of a quiet signing, lost in the shuffle of the signing of <a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="PESPT005338" title="Steve Nash" href="/topic/sports/basketball/steve-nash-PESPT005338-topic.html">Steve Nash</a> and the acquisition of Howard, but he is important to the Lakers because they are thin at center behind Howard.</p><p>For the Clippers, it looks like <a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="PESPT000603" title="Chauncey Billups" href="/topic/sports/basketball/chauncey-billups-PESPT000603-topic.html">Chauncey Billups</a> will be back from his torn Achilles' tendon in December, although Billups says he will be back much sooner. His veteran presence makes the Clippers that much better.</p><p>The addition of Nash changes the dynamics of the Lakers. Example: In the exhibition opener against Golden State, Nash swung the ball down to <a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="PESPT000948" title="Kobe Bryant" href="/topic/sports/basketball/kobe-bryant-PESPT000948-topic.html">Kobe Bryant</a>, who fired it into Pau Gasol, who was wide open for a dunk. It might have been the easiest basket the Lakers have had in years. A lot of easy shots will ease the wear-and-tear on the team and help prevent injuries.</p><p>Howard's back injury may keep him from assimilating into the offense right away, but the Lakers were more than willing to accept the short-term concern about his back in exchange for the long-term concern <a>about Andrew Bynum</a>'s knees.</p><p>You can watch the conversation in the video above.</p><p><strong>ALSO:</strong></p><p><a href=",0,7510310.story">Usain Bolt might try soccer after track</a></p><p><a href=",0,3481511.story">Watch Coco Crisp's home run-saving catch</a></p><p><a href=",0,6445151.story">Phil Ivey wins $11.5 million, casino refuses to pay</a></p><p> </p>

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