Peyton Manning jerseys not allowed in Colorado school district


Peyton Manning is not a gang member (as far as we know).

Most, if not all, of the children in a certain Colorado school district probably aren’t either.

But certain people who like to wear the new Broncos quarterback’s jersey number -- No. 18 -- apparently are. So no one attending school in Weld County District 6 is allowed to wear a Manning jersey because of a dress code that went into effect long before the four-time league MVP came to Denver during the off-season.

Here’s an idea: All those excited about having the future Hall of Famer on their beloved team can just get the jersey of tight end Joel Dreessen instead. At least they’ll look like they’re wearing Manning’s number when they look in the mirror.


Oh, wait a minute. 81 is forbidden too. Sorry, kids.

A spokesperson for the district explained that jerseys with the numbers 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 and 81 are not allowed because of gang affiliations.

So the Weld County District 6 students who were among the people who have made Manning’s jersey the top-seller on the league’s website since April aren’t the only ones out of luck. So is anyone who bought the jerseys of Dreessen, cornerback Omar Bolden (31) and receivers Tyler Grisham (13) and Brandon Stokley (14).

But look on the bright side -- No. 15 is not on the list. Time to break out the old Tim Tebow Broncos jerseys!


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