Kickalicious: Watch amazing trick kicks by the guy the Lions just cut

Harvard Rugland, a.k.a. Kickalicious, can kick a football backward, from the side, into moving cars and from great distances all with amazing accuracy.

Not to mention he has a trademarked nickname and a trick-kick video nearing 5 million views on YouTube.

But apparently none of that can beat out actual NFL experience.

The Detroit Lions cut Rugland on Tuesday as they worked to trim their roster to the required 75 players by the end of the day.

The 28-year-old Norway native -- who had never even put on a football helmet until the Lions rookie minicamp in May -- was beat out by 15-year veteran and six-time Pro Bowler David Akers.

Hope the Lions don't regret this decision. After all, a football team can never really know when it might need someone who can punt and kick two footballs in succession and have them collide in midair.

Actually, Rugland did surprisingly well during the preseason for someone with zero game experience, making all three of his field goal attempts from 49, 50 and 33 yards and handling most second-half kickoffs.

And, according to the Detroit Free Press, he was a popular figure in the locker room as well. So if you see a group of tough-looking guys watching the upbeat Kickalicious video with tears streaming down their faces, you'll know why.


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