Super Bowl XLVII: Jim Harbaugh was Ray Lewis' first sack in 1996

Ray Lewis has been playing in the NFL for a long time.

How long? The Baltimore Ravens linebacker started playing so long ago that his first career sack was against Jim Harbaugh, who now is head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

And it just so happens that the Ravens and 49ers will be facing off in Super Bowl XLVII, which also happens to be Lewis' last game before retirement.

That first sack came during Lewis' rookie year in 1996, when Harbaugh was playing for Indianapolis. It was one of four times that Baltimore got to the quarterback that day, although Harbaugh and the Colts got the better of Lewis and the Ravens, 26-21.

The incident was mentioned to Harbaugh at a news conference earlier this month. The 49ers coach said he didn't remember the sack but was made aware of it when his father mentioned it to him a few days earlier.

"My legend grows," he joked. "Ray Lewis' first sack."


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